Opportunities to acquire land and buildings with a view to creating residential opportunities are rare indeed in the Whitby area. Identifying such opportunities and advising owners and developers of the best way to maximise their potential has been Astin's speciality in recent years.

A selection of new development opportunities

The remarkable transformation of local historic and important buildings such as Stakesby Manor, Arundel Howe, Carr Hall and Woodlands, has been equally matched by the emergence of the new build schemes including Whitehall Landing, Jutland House on New Quay Road and St John's on Albion Terrace, all providing luxury apartment living at the heart of the town centre. At Astin's, we are delighted to work closely with many of the leading house builders, including Barratt, Harrison's and Kebbell Homes, in conjunction with serving the needs of many local developers too.

For any owner having land or buildings with the potential for development or for residential or commercial conversion, we are able to conduct a free appraisal and make the necessary Planning enquiries on your behalf to ensure the right people are introduced at the right time enabling you to realise the best possible price.

Previous Property Developments

Union Mill

Developer: Union Mill (Whitby) Ltd.

Caedmon’s Prospect

Developer: Kebbell Homes.

Stakesby Manor

Developer: Rod & Jill Hodgson.

Moorland Court

Developer: Mulgrave Properties Ltd.

Whitehall Gardens

Developer: Whitehall Spital Bridge Ltd.

Pendleton House

Developer: Endeavour Homes (Whitby) Ltd.

Esk Hall

Developer: Fisher Partnership.

Whitehall Landing

Developer: Joint Venture Partners - Harrison's & KeyLand Developments.

St John’s Apartments

Developer: Kebbell Homes.

Arundel Howe

Developer: Endeavour Homes (Whitby) Ltd.

Highfield Strand

Developer: Kebbell Homes.